You can not miss today the best birthday wishes of Sara Ali Khan for Chota Taimur!


Today, Taimur, the most adorable kid in Bollywood, turns 3 years old. Last night, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan had a pre-birthday celebration for their little boy. A number of B-town stars attended the birthday bash. This morning Taimur received a special birthday message from his sister Sara Ali Khan. He shared on Instagram some of his favorite photos of Taimur who wrote, “Happy Birthday Little Team Team Team Team #Cunnipi #CreatyP #Birthday”.

As we all know, Sara Ali Khan is Saif’s daughter since her first marriage to Amita Singh. The beautiful bond between Sara and Taimur has always been admired by B-Town fans. The team’s B-Day party was accompanied by his son Yash, Karisma Kapoor along with his baby Kian and Samira, Babita, ite Tish-Genelia and many more. The Little Team was accompanied by friends of young children from B-town. A special themed birthday cake was cut by him on Christmas. After the party, Taimur Paparazzi greeted friends with a “hi”.

Sara Ali Khan recently talked about her younger Mammunkin Taimur in an interview with Femina. He said, “Taimur has the power to lighten everyone’s mood by just being there. I am happy to have fatherhood with my father Taimur because when he was a great father to me and Ibrahim, he is of age and stage in his life the way he should enjoy fatherhood. That is how I enjoy Taimur’s joy and contentment in her life; I love her “. Isn’t that really nice? Let us all wish you a happy birthday Taimur!

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