WWE News: Update at the performance center on WWE TV


WWE has broadcast Raw and SmackDown from the Orlando Performance Center due to all the restrictions imposed by Coronavirus, and it was recently reported that the company is planning all of its shows through this week’s WrestleMania.

On Saturday, and PWInsider reported that WWE taped two episodes of SmackDown and 205 Live on Friday night.
That being said, it was a very long day that started in the morning and went well into the evening.

Everyone is working hard to make sure the company is safe in terms of having content over the next few weeks so that no matter what, WWE can offer new, original content.
WWE hopes to tape it on NXT on Sunday, a live episode of Raw on Monday, followed by two episodes of Raw on Tuesday.

It is also expected that WWE will be tapping content for WrestleMania 36 on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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