WWE News: The Undertaker has a potential retirement bout in the Boneyard match vs AJ Styles


When Brock Lesnar finally defeated The Undertaker’s stunning winning streak at WrestleMania 30, fans around the world were under the impression that it would be The Deadman’s retirement match. However, years later, Taker still pops up for special matches every now and then. As the age progresses, you can see fuel being depleted with every match (the WWE Super Showdown 2019 match against Goldberg was grim!) But Phenom also rose from the ashes during WrestleMania 36 with AJ Styles. The epic Boneyard match between two legendary wrestlers was the major attraction of the entire PPV.

In an interview with TV Guide to promote his WWE Network special, The Undertaker: The Last Ride, the 55-year-old wrestler was asked if he had the final bow at WrestleMania 36. To this, Taker answered honestly, “I just don’t know. I want people to watch [The Last Ride] and kind of come away with their own conclusions of where I’m at. But I have to go into each and every match looking at it that way at this point.”

In addition, Taker admitted that after leaving WrestleMania 35 cards for the first time in 19 years, the wrestler was satisfied. Why? Because he had come to grips with the fact that in his day, especially with WrestleMania, it looked like it was time to move on. Then, AJ Styles arrives!

UndetTaker revealed from TV Guide. “And then, the match with A.J. presents itself. We’ve both been in the business for a while and our paths had never crossed. That’s very unusual to never have a match with [someone of that stature] and I really hold him in very high regard as an in-ring performer and as a human being,”

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