WWE News: Otis performed without a live audience between COVID 19 lockdown


The latest edition of the Money in the Banks event was the second major event organized by WWE without its live audience due to the coronavirus virus epidemic. Earlier this year, production of live shows, films, and series were cancelled to encourage social disturbances in an attempt to control the spread of the dead virus.

However, WWE took a stand and decided to hold all of its events amid the ongoing lockdown. WWE announced that instead of shooting matches with a live audience, it would be fan-free and live-streamed the events.

Otis, who recently won a Money in the Bank ladder match, opened up about the changes WWE has made to the COVID 19 crisis. He also reflected what it was like to perform without a live audience. He said that he really likes that the recent matches, including his Money In The Bank match, turned out to be so “cool”. Pointing to the silver linings, the wrestler said that fans got to watch the epic boneyard match because WWE had to be free from fans. “I think everything happens for a reason That’s a very strong quote that I live by,” he said.

During a discussion with Fritz of the Ropes, Otis said, “That Boneyard match, I mean, I just felt like I was watching a cool thriller action movie, like big thumbs up to everybody that worked on that,” He also said that even after things were normal, WWE should feature matches like the Boneyard match and the Firefly Funhouse match as far as the health crisis is concerned.

Otis said, “Yes, we’ll have our matches in front of the crowd but I think that, for sure, we’ll continue these awesome idea matches that are not exactly with the people but just some to keep the fans going and interested. so yeah, It’s really cool and again, I can’t tell how awesome the guys with the cameras are and they catch some good stuff, man,”

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