WWE News: Lana stopped posting her family pictures on social media for this reason


WWE recently opened up about why it has stopped posting its family photos on social media. During his appearance on The Matthew Aaron Show, the WWE Superstar stated that after a point he did not feel like sharing that part of his life on the Internet due to negativity. According to her, since WWE fans did not like his character on the show, he would constantly leave horrible comments on their family photos and it bothered them.

She said that in 2014 when she was doing Super Rocky IV, people slammed her for being patriotic to Russia, Wrestling Inc. reported. American wrestling fans will randomly leave comments on her Instagram page. She said she once posted a picture of her three-week-old nephew and people reacted by posting hateful comments like “He’s the ugliest baby in the world! We hope he dies! USA! USA!”On calling people” sick “, the wrestler said that he didn’t mind posting his family pictures online after that.

Lana also revealed that in 2019, she and Wrestling star Bobby Lashley received death threats after WWE decided to go ahead with their love story angle. The romance was, apparently, just part of the story for the stage and she is clearly in love with her husband Rusev. However, passionate WWE fans did not take it lightly

In December, during an episode, WWE decided to feature Lana and Bobby’s wedding ceremony in the wrestling ring. This episode featured a heavy dose of drama. Initially, during the wedding, both Lana and Lashley’s previous spouses tried to interrupt the ceremony, something that fans had already expected. However, everyone was surprised after Liv Morgan’s sudden appearance and confessed that she and Lana had a relationship earlier this year. And even though it was just a story, people slammed Lana on the Internet.

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