WWE News: Jim Ross says that John Cena should be on WWE Mount Rushmore: I never worked with a more dedicated guy


Even though John Cena does not actively participate in wrestling matches, the wrestler is, beyond doubt, one of the most famous fighters in WWE. He was the face of the company for nearly 15 years before deciding to leave the wrestling ring to pursue an acting career. Like fans of Cena, WWE announcer Jim Ross believes Fast and Furious 9 deserves to be honoured for his remarkable contributions to the world of wrestling. In fact, Ross feels that Cena is on WWE’s Mount Rushmore..

During the latest version of Grillin’ JR, Ross told of the 43-year-old wrestling star and that he is the most dedicated wrestler he has ever worked with, Wrestling Inc. reported. Asked if Cena should be on the WWE mount. Rushmore, Ross said, “Oh hell yes, absolutely. From the get-go, I never worked with a more dedicated guy than John Cena. The greatest work ethic of any guy I’ve ever known in the wrestling business for sure simply meaning he didn’t turn anything down but the covers,”

“He did appearances, his Make-A-Wish total is astronomical, but John Cena was a very special guy,” he said. The announcer also said that if Cena is not on WWE’s Mount Rushmore, they should just knock it down. “If John Cena is not on the Mt. Rushmore of WWE stars, then there doesn’t need to be a Mt. Rushmore. Knock it down, and build an apartment building or something because you don’t need the mountain. He’s on that mountain and he’s very firmly in place,” Ross said.

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