WWE News: Has Brock Lesnar decided to kiss WWE goodbye after his WrestleMania 36 loss?


The last time we saw Brock Lesnar in the wrestling ring, he brutally defeated Drew McIntire at WrestleMania 36. Brock has been off the headlines ever since and fans are worried that he may decide to leave WWE for good. Ring Side News reported that rumors arose earlier this week from Vince McMahon’s remarks. According to media reports, during the company’s Quarter 1 financial conference call, the WWE chairman said, “We no longer have Brock Lesnar, obviously.” While the wrestling superstar has been known to take long breaks, the statement raised many questions.

Recently, Dave Meltzer and Brian Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter considered the possibility of not seeing the WWE star again in the Wrestling Ring. He concludes that it may be possible that Brock is just practicing social disturbances and is not interested in performing in empty spaces without a live audience. Brock is currently one of the most popular performing wrestlers in WWE and fans go crazy watching him in action in the wrestling ring. Considered to be a wrestling superstar, Brock clearly likes to perform in front of a lively crowd with people cheering for him.

At the WrestleMania 36 event, Drew won the WWE Superstar to become the first British wrestler to make history and win the prestigious title. From the very beginning, Drew proved that he was in it to win. Although it initially seemed that Brock would own the match, the British Wrestler ended the match by placing two claymores and destroying the WWE star.

Meanwhile, Drew is all set to face Seth Rollins at the Money in the Bank event. Earlier this month, Drew announced that he was ready to put his WWE Championship title in line and challenged Rollins to face him in the wrestling ring. Fans were hoping that WWE has been doing this for a long time, given the possibility of this fight.

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