WWE News: Edge reflects on WrestleMania 36 going audience free


Keeping in mind the ongoing COVID 19 health crisis, earlier this month WWE announced that this upcoming WrestleMania 36 audience will get free. According to the latest report, the organizers also decided that the event is too big for just one night. At a press conference, it was announced that for the first time in history, the event would take place over two nights and take place in several locations, Forbes reported. The show, which is to stream live on April 4 and April 5, will feature a number of highly anticipated fights, including one between Edge and Randy Orton.

During a conversation on the Gorilla Position Podcast, Edge shared his feelings about performing at a center without fans. Speaking about the changes made by WWE, the wrestler said that people needed to adapt to the situation. Although he admitted that the situation was not ideal, Edge said with confidence that he was confident that he and Randy would put on a great performance for the audience. He said that he is excited about the occasion and is eager to know what he can do with the show and what he can do to make the show special for the audience.

Earlier this week, Sasha Banks also reacted to the news, saying that it was sad to learn that fans were not able to attend the event. She also said that given the current circumstances, it is very important to prioritize the health of all. She promised his fans what they deserved. “So on April 5th, WrestleMania will happen, and we will do our very best to put on a show worthy of our fans. I wish you were there, but I will perform as if all of you are, because it’s what you deserve like a boss. #wrestlemania,” she said.

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