WWE News: Dolph Ziggler has revealed that two WWE stars are currently his favorites in the wrestling scene

Former WWE Champion Dolph Ziggler revealed during a recent interview that Randy Orton and Edge are currently his favorite WWE stars in the wrestling scene. Edge and Orton stole the show at a backlash event earlier this month. Both locked horns in an explosive match and it was pure perfection. Even though Edge ended the fight by losing and even getting hurt, no one could deny that he performed brilliantly in the ring.

During his interview with Sports Illustrated, Ziggler talked about the two wrestling stars and explained why they are his favorites. Speaking of Orton, he said, “I know a lot of people hate Randy because he’s so damn good. It’s amazing. I’ll be watching Raw, and say, ‘Damnit, he does this better than anyone.’ It makes me so mad. There are only a handful of true naturals, and he is one, and I hate that,”.

He mentioned that even though many people are afraid of calling Orton out, he still shrugs off giving his honest opinion. He said “So when Randy messes up, I call him out on it. A lot of people are afraid to do that, and that’s fine, but he won’t hear the end of it from me. But good god, no one is as good as he is, and that really pisses me off,”

Praising Edge, whose real name is Adam Joseph Copeland, the wrestler said, “Edge, that Royal Rumble match [from 2011] we had was so cool. I was a guy that lost 99% of the time. I didn’t talk—Vickie [Guerrero] talked for me. When we got to the match, I was so fortunate to have traveled with and be friends with Adam and Jay [Edge and Christian], Tommy Dreamer and [Chris] Jericho. They’re so good, they’re so smart, and me being around them, I became almost as smart,”

Recalling the time he spent with the WWE star, Ziggler said, “I learned so much from Adam on the road during the live events we did together. I mentioned earlier that I wish I could have done a bunch of live events with Mandy, Sonya and Otis because I could have helped them even more. Getting that time with Adam meant so much to me.”


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