WWE News: CM Punk slams AJ Styles for not supporting his support for the Black Lives Matter movement


As people of America including many celebrities, support the Black Lives Matter movement, CM Punk took a shot at AJ Styles for not speaking despite George Floyd’s protests. As civil unrest spreads in American cities after Floyd’s death, many celebrities have joined the movement by participating in peaceful protests by posting messages of solidarity via social media. However, Punk recently noted that Styles has not come out in support of the black community amid the ongoing protests.

Slamming the people not addressing the fight for social justice in America, Punk wrote, “Lotta people snitching on themselves. When people tell you who they are, believe it. Might be unfortunate and disappointing if you’re a fan of that person, or if it’s your grandmother, but f*** ‘em. Goodbye! (I yield my time, f*** you).”  Reacting to this, a fan reported that Styles’ science is speaking out about his stance amid the chaos. “Right!?! Silence speaks volumes. Seeing AJ Styles promote streams and shit but couldn’t be bothered to post anything made it clear how he feels. That was a tough unfollow…” The fan tweeted.

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Punk agreed with the fan and wrote, “Well. Come on. That one has been obvious for years.” This is not the first time a wrestler addressed the BLM movement at a Publically. Earlier this week, he discussed unrest in the America and even had a piece of advice for whites. Pank said, being a white person, he does not have the authority to lecture black people on how they should react to the situation. “I’m just here to tell white people that you probably need to shut up more, and you certainly need to listen more,”


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