WWE News: CM Punk asks white people to ‘shut up & listen more’ after George Floyd’s killing

CM Punk appeared on the latest episode of WWE Backstage and talked about the civil unrest spreading in American cities after the death of George Floyd. People across the country are currently protesting the ruthless killing of George Floyd, a 46-year-old security guard who was killed by police officer Derek Chauvin and slapped his back on his inability to breathe. Mark Henry, Booker T, and CM Punk discussed unrest in the America, and Punk had a piece of advice for some time.

Punk said, being a white person, he does not have the authority to lecture black people on how they should react to the situation, Wrestling Inc. reported. “I’m a white guy. I’m not here to pretend to understand how black people feel and I don’t think that it’s my place to tell them how they need to react. This country has a problem that much I know. I’m here to tell white people that you need to listen to your black brothers and sisters and you need to understand where they are coming from,” he said.

Explaining the apparent division in the country, the wrestling star mentioned that her concerns with being dragged by a police officer are very different from those of an African American. There are about two Americans, when I am pulled over, I’m nervous that I’m going to get a ticket. I don’t want to live somewhere where, Mark, if your son gets pulled over, he’s worried he’s going to get murdered. I’m just here to tell white people that you probably need to shut up more, and you certainly need to listen more,” he also added.

He said that people need to fight intolerance with impunity and added that people need to use their privilege to support their black brothers and sisters. He said “We live in a time where hatred is stoked at the highest level. I don’t like things that I see, I do what I can to stop it and I’m hopefully using my voice for good. Facism and racism cannot win, and if you’re struggling to come up with a way that you can help, the easiest way to help is to combat that intolerance with intolerance. There’s no room for it,”


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