WWE News: AJ Styles overtakes Otis in his Men’s Money in the Bank ladder match

AJ Styles made a surprise appearance in the latest edition of Monday Night RAW and qualified for the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match. This was her first appearance on stage after the WrestleMania 36 event, which took place in April. During the event, the Wrestling Superstar played the Horns and lost a fight with The Undertaker in a WWE first-ever Boneyard match. The Undertaker ruthlessly defeated Stiles to win the match. From then on, wrestlers stayed away from the wrestling scene. During RAW’s latest event, Styles won the Last Chance Gauntlet Match and qualified for Men’s Money in a Bank Ladder Match.

The Men’s Money in the Bank ladder match will feature Stiles against Otis, Alastair Black, Daniel Bryan, Ray Mysterio and King Corbin. After his appearance on Raw, Styles opened up about his upcoming match and took a shot at Otis. The eagerly awaited match features WWE superstars fighting for a briefcase that will feature a contract for a championship match. To secure the briefcase, the contestants have to climb the ladder. Ring Side News reported that speaking about the match, Styles quipped that it would be easy to climb the ladder with Otis.

“Isn’t Otis? Isn’t he in a Money in the Bank ladder match? Isn’t he there? Yes, because that elevator is not going anywhere. Yes, don’t go to the elevator with him because it’s not going anywhere. Is, “ he said, making fun of Otis’s weight. The suitcase is precious because the wrestler who wins the match can choose the place and time for the World Championship match at his convenience.

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