Why did The Undertaker shed tears after watching Edge vs. Randy Orton in Backlash? See inside


Billed by WWE as “The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever”, WWE was wary of Edge and Randy Orton’s main event match at the Universe Backlash. However, both wrestlers gave us a hell of a match and while it may not have been the biggest, it was still showing very well as both were given in spades. Watching the match was none other than his WWE wrestler, The Undertaker, who was praising for Edge and Randy during his recent appearance on After The Bell.

“At Backlash, Edge and Randy, honestly, it almost brought a tear to my eye because I haven’t seen that type of wrestling match in so long. That is what professional wrestling is or what it’s supposed to be in my opinion.” Taker confessed through wrestling news, talking about how today’s athletes are like comic books, superhero stuff where they rely too much on that aspect of their performance and not enough on their character And the desire to sell and make something.

The 55-year-old wrestler explained, “It’s great being able to be as athletic as all these guys are. But, at the end of the day, it doesn’t mean anything because when you rely on all that athleticism and rely only on that athleticism, you continually push the envelope on our audience. They are going to get desensitized to the double backflip off the top to somebody on the floor. They are going to see it a couple of times and then go, ‘Ok! I’ve seen that now what do you have for me”.

Taker continued that now, you have to consistently push the envelope affirmatively which puts you at a higher risk for injury and at the end of the day, it’s all about self-preservation. The wrestler said that to make his career final you have to do smart work. It does not mean that you take the day off and instead you can work hard and you should work hard every night.

Undertaker also concluded But I think you have to act smart. I think people are relying too much on athleticism right now and not enough to tell the story.”


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