Weight Loss: Smoothie and Green tea recipes to reduce extra fat and increase metabolism


In this article we are back again a great solution for shed extra fats. People generally like smoothies. They are fresh and keep us energetic. Have you ever thought of them as an easy way to lose weight?

Smoothie is highly healthy and beneficial for our body. It helps lose those extra pounds and increases metabolism. So, here are some tasty smoothie recipes for you to shed extra kilos.

Peppermint green tea

This drink is highly effective for enhancing the metabolic process. Green tea increases oxidation and peppermint and lemon are good for preventing inflammation. You need to keep 6-8 cups of green tea, some fresh mint leaves and lemon slices in the jar and then refrigerate it. From the next day, have a cup of this tea every day.

Strawberry smoothie

Strawberry is known to strengthen smoothie muscles and is a great source of protein. Take half litre of milk, one cup strawberries, one cup natural yogurt, flax seed as per your choice. Mix them all together and voila, your drink is ready.

Apple smoothie

Apples are good for detoxifying and bulging the body. It also strengthens muscles and burns fat. All you need is half a litre of skimmed milk, an apple, a cup of natural yogurt, a spoonful of honey, half a cup of almonds and a pinch of cinnamon. Mix and blend them to mix this refreshing drink.

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