Weight Loss: Here’s how better stomach health can help you shed extra kilos


If you have a bad stomach, you are more likely to lose weight. According to many researches, digestive health not only improves our overall health, but is one of the secrets of weight loss. There are hundreds of strains of gut bacteria, some are bad while some are good. Healthy people will help you digest food, protect it from pathogens, provide enzymes and hormones, manage your metabolism and improve the immune system for others. But all this can happen if your microbiome is balanced. Otherwise, you will have digestive issues, lethargy, low mood, poor immunity and weight gain among others.

Probiotic-rich foods for gut health

Health conscious people can help improve gut health with probiotic-rich foods and supplements. Probiotics such as yogurt and kimchi contain high amounts of good bacteria that go into our intestine and aid digestion. This change in gut microorganism is associated with a decrease in body fat mass and thus helps in weight loss. It is not enough to lose weight based on probiotics, they aid in weight loss and therefore they should be a good part of your weight loss diet.

Manage stress, cut down on sugar and include physical activity

According to studies, stress is one of the major factors that reduce the intestinal germ count. Therefore stress management is very important. Studies have also proved that athletes have more diversity of gut bacteria than inactive ones. Therefore, make sure that you are involved in physical activity in some form or the other daily. Excess sugar suppresses good bacteria and allows many people to have unhealthy germs. So, avoid foods that are high in sugar, salt, saturated fat, trans fat, additives and preservatives.


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