Weight Loss: Drink this juice daily to get loss of extra kilos


Losing weight can be stressful for some. You need a lot of patience because it cannot happen overnight. Instead of stress, which will only spoil your weight loss journey, make sure you focus on your healthy diet and physical activity. And adopt some weight loss tips and tricks which are not only easy but also effective. Today in this article we are talking about healthy juice made from Petha aka Winter Melon and how it can help reduce fat.

There is a popular dessert from Agra called Petha. The dish is also prepared from the same veggie. This gourd vegetable is rich in many nutrients and should also be added to your diet for overall health.

Ash gourd and wieght loss

According to several studies, water-dense foods such as ash gourd can help people lose weight.

It is low in calories and full of soluble fiber which means it will keep you full for a good time without worrying about calories.

The amount of potassium acts as a diuretic, so if you are underweight then you should definitely have the same.

Vitamin B2 is good for energy levels, facilitating the activity of the thyroid gland and stress hormones that indirectly help in weight loss.

It also takes care of the digestive system. And better bowel is associated with weight loss. So, if you have acidity, ulcers and heartburn then you should include this vegetable.

It is one of the best sources of vitamin C and flavonoids and they help to increase our immunity.

So, drink fresh petha juice every morning as it acts as a sponge and removes all the toxins from your body.

Check out the recipe of Petha Juice right here:

1. First peel off the skin of Petha.

2. Make small slices. Be sure to remove the seeds that are in the middle.

3. Grind them in a mixer or by grating. Discard the juice with the help of a clean cloth.


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