Vidya Balan shares the struggle to shoot a video at home


On Monday, Vidya Balan took to Instagram to share a couple of funny videos, in which she can be seen pushing a center table out of the frame and in another trying to adjust the pallu of her sari.

She Wrote “When you have to set the frame yourself and then you see a table corner popping… which I try n push out of frame ,without shifting position. 2 ) And thats me trying settle my saree and hair for the shot … P.S:Both times i was waiting for everything to be in place, before i started recording…but it obviously seems like my phone camera has a mind of its own and likes to #ShootAtSight #LockdownLessons #YouCanDoItOnYourOwn,”.

Although comments such as “pretty”, “Cute” and “Adorable” hit his post, fans were also curious to know if Vidya was the sequel to “Mission Mangal”, the story of India’s mission to the moon.

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