Vidya Balan has posted an interesting video with her formar ‘Tumhari Sulu’ costar Manav Kaul


The prevalence of COVID-19 never ceases as each day’s cases are increasing at an alarming rate. Amidst all this, our social media has truly been our best friend and our favorite celebrities have actively taken to their social media handles to interact with their fans, or provide us with fun and interesting videos And also giving beautiful throw back or unseen photos. We keep hearing a different kind of rumours on social media which have a very negative effect on us and Vidya Balan, the power woman, brings out a positive video on these rumours.

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Vidya Balan has posted an interesting video with her format Tumhari Sulu costar Manav Kaul. The video talks about a new virus that is understanding mankind and that Afwah virus. Yes, you heard right Afwah virus which also means rumour virus. If anything that is causing chaos and confusion in people’s minds, these are Afwahs and they spread like wild-fire and are highly contagious. In this short video, Vidya advises people to stay away from social media or all the electronic gadgets that generate these Afwahs. All these rumours change people’s attitudes and cause confusion and cause unnecessary fear in people’s minds. There are many strange Afwahs that we heard during this hour which have caused panic and fake Afwahs on separate announcement or discoveries by major bodies like NASA, UNESCO. Vidya urged people to turn deaf ears to these rumours and to keep distance from various social media platforms. All of us are now very much into our electronic gadgets like mobiles, laptops, iPads and hence we are quite prone to fall prey to these unbelievable rumors or Afwahs.

Well, this is a very interesting video that we have seen in recent times and we cannot thank Vidya and Manav for bringing out this important message because these rumours are somewhere highly influenced by mankind and ever There is no end. Meanwhile, on the work front, Vidya Balan will be seen as Shakuntala Devi which is now scheduled to be released on the web platform due to an epidemic of coronavirus virus.

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