Tom Cruise Is Going Into Space With NASA To Shoot For His Next Film

Tom Cruise

Here in Hollywood, we have Tom Cruise whose love for action and stunts knows no bounds. The actor legally takes his love for stunts to the next level for his next film which remains untitled for now. Earlier this year, there were reports that Tom Cruise would be part of a film that was to be shot in space and he is collaborating with Elon Musk’s Space X for the same. Now, we all get confirmation on this news, and find out that the actor is going to space with NASA and his director Doug Liman.

Other reports on the Internet suggest that the actor received a whopping $ 200 million budget from Universal Pictures for the film. According to NME, Tom Cruise will return to space in October 2021. The report is being strongly suggested and a Twitter handle named Space Shuttle Almanac has also reported that in 2021 the Axiom Space Station will be set up on a tourist mission alongwith Tom and Doug.

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The official administrator at NASA, Jim Bridenstine, also confirmed the news and said that NASA was also excited to work with Tom Cruise on a film aboard the space station and gave us engineers and scientists to realize NASA’s ambition Popular media is needed to inspire generations. Tom alongwith Doug and PJ van Sandwijk are producers for the film. His Mission Impossible director Christopher McQuarrie is also the film’s producer and story consultant.

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