Tom Cruise and Elon Musk plans to shoot the film in space with the help of NASA


Hollywood star Tom Cruise and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk are ready to shoot a film in outer space! Deadline reported that Tom and Elon are in early talks with NASA to shoot a feature film in space. The action-adventure film will be the first feature film to be shot in outer space. Although the creators are yet to share details about the exciting project, reportedly, this is not a Mission: Impossible film. Elon’s SpaceX is one of several companies that have signed a contract to develop the equipment in NASA’s “Artemis” project.

Fox Business reported that the project aims to return astronauts to the moon by 2024. “With the Artemis program, NASA will land the first woman and next man on the Moon by 2024,” the program description reads on NASA’s website. Elon’s company is developing a “starship” lander as part of the project. Although she may become the first celebrity to shoot a film in outer space, Cruise is not the only celebrity associated with spaceflight aspirations. According to a Reuters report,

Spaceflight company Virgin Galactic has sold tickets for 90-minute suborbital flights to Leonardo DiCaprio and Justin Bieber.

If the project comes to life, we can see Tom doing some high-octane stunts in outer space. During his acting career, the actor has already added various high-profile stunts to his credit. The actor built a skyscraper of Burj Khalifa in Dubai for his Mission: Impossible franchise. He broke his ankle while shooting Mission: Impossible Fallout, while leaping from one roof to another. Even he once hung from a helicopter.

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