This herbal tea can give you relief from the symptoms of Menopause


Menopause is the natural absence of women’s menstrual cycle that occurs after 50. During this time, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone levels change. Perimenopause is the pre-menopausal phase and brings some symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings etc. Generally, these symptoms begin to appear during a woman’s 40s or 50s. These symptoms are very common because the body is undergoing major changes.

However, you can reduce the level of these symptoms by consuming herbal tea. There are some types of tea that can give you definite relief from symptoms. Since when you experience these signs of menopause, it can also cause mental disturbances. If symptoms can subside, there will be less trouble with the perimenopause phase.

Different types of teas to give relief when you see the symptoms of menopause.

Black cohosh root: This helps reduce hot flashes. This is mainly good for those who experience early menopause. But women who are suffering from blood pressure or liver problems should not consume tea.

Chasteberry tea: It is known to reduce breast pain and hot flashes during perimenopausal time. This herb also increases progesterone levels to balance all hormones.

Ginseng : This tea can help reduce hot flashes and night sweats among menopausal women.

Red clover: It helps to control sweat tea hot flashes and night. But it is also good for high blood pressure, boosting immunity and strengthening bones.

Dong Quai tea: Dong quai tea can effectively control estrogen levels to prevent hormonal imbalance in menopausal women.

Licorice tea: Women who are entering menopause can drink this tea to reduce the occurrence of hot flashes.

Green tea: During this phase, their bone structure begins to be damaged along with bone metabolism. So, green tea helps prevent damage at the time of menopause.

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