This DIY Face Mist Helps You To Hydrate Your Skin

Rose water face mist

If you feel that summer is the worst season for your skin, then you definitely will not deal with the hot and humid climate of this monsoon. While this is the case, like the body, even the skin needs to remain hydrated. Therefore, in this article we are talking about an easy home remedy to keep your skin fresh and hydrated throughout the day.

Face Mist is the easiest and effective way to keep the skin hydrated (and in some cases, moisturized) throughout the day. Whenever you feel that the weather is getting heavy on your skin, keep a bottle nearby and spray whenever needed.

All you need:

1. Rose and Hibiscus petals
2. Water
3. Essential oils of your choice

How to:

1. Boil water in a pan and add petals to it. Let it sit for a few hours and take out the petals.
2. Once you have rose and hibiscus infused water, add a few drops of essential oils.
3. Fill it in a spray bottle and spray it on your face throughout the day.


Flower petals ensure that you have glowing, younger looking skin while essential oils keep it moisturized and deal with any issues you may face. You can also switch essential oils and squeeze out the oil from a vitamin E capsule to pamper your skin.

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