These Home Remedies To Protect Your Skin From Sunburn


Sunburn occurs when the skin is exposed to harsh sunlight and is not protected from sunscreen. Sunburn can be extremely painful and can make the skin red and itchy. Here are some home remedies to help with sunburn and skin smoothie.

Aloe Vera

The easiest and most common way to soothe and cure a sunburn is to apply aloe vera on it. It provides soothing relief to the skin, cools it down. If blisters have formed on the skin, aloe vera carries it downwards and at the same time has anti-inflammatory properties. The skin returns to normal with its frequent use.

Protect skin from Sunburn


Yogurt has cooling properties that help in healing sunburned skin. When sunburn is applied to the skin, it reduces redness and absorbs it, creating a mask or thin protective shield around the sunburn area and ensuring that it remains cool.

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