The Man Video: Taylor Swift keeps an eye on the scooter Braun, makes a POWERFUL statement with the help of Dwayne Johnson

Taylor Swift dropped the music video The Man, which she has directed, written, owned and acted in. Dwayne Johnson has small contribution of this video.
Taylor swift is clarifying things crystal: she owns her new music. And he used his new music video “The Man” to announce it. The singer, who released her album Lover a few months ago, dropped a powerful video of The Man and left no one. Neither does his arch-nemesis scooter Braun. Taylor not only told the world that he directed, but also wrote, he owned stars and music videos. In the video, the singer transforms into a man and treats him the way society usually behaves.

From “Tyler Swift” sleeping, watching a party, and playing for “Women’s Charity” to a young woman married to an older man, Taylor has pulled out a few uncomfortable moments to prove a point. To close it, he enlisted some help from Dwayne Johnson. The WWE star gave the actor a small part of the video for “Man” in the video.

Here the Video:

The music video comes months after Taylor’s performance at the American Music Awards 2019.

Here’s a quick reminder

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