Taylor Swift dropped her new music video Cardigan

Taylor Swift dropped her new music video Cardigan

The international singer Taylor Swift surprised fans when she decided to drop the new album with Cardigan’s music video. The song is penned by Taylor Swift and Aaron Dessner. Swift returns to the director’s chair with the music video and the boy, she is certainly nominated (if not win) for Best Music Video in the music awards season.

The new song is divided into four stages. She playing music in a vintage cabin in a nightdress. As she exerts her magic on the piano, she sees the magic inside her piano and follows the lights. Before she finds the lights and returns home, takes her into the jungle before finding himself in an ocean with unstable weather conditions. All the while, she held onto her music.

The music video reminded us of her different eras. Starting with Love Story going to Out of the Woods and adding up with Delicate. The last example also made us realize that she referred to himself as a cardigan in Joe Alwyn’s life.

See video:

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