Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah SPOILER ALERT: Jethalal Will Run After Goli In The Society Compound


Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah are all set to take the audience into a laughter riot as Jethalal will run after the shot in the premises of Gokuldham Society. And the reason behind this chase is none other than Jethalal best friend Tarak Mehta. Are you wondering what this cat and dog race is? Well, it will happen that Jethalal will prepare some piping hot pakoras to surprise his best friend Tarak. However, unfortunately, as he walks towards Tarak’s house with a tiffin filled with pakoras, he will hit the Goli in the society’s premises.

Goli’s love for food is hidden from no one, and he will immediately understand that the container taken by Jethalal has some delicious delicacy. And as everyone knows, whenever it comes to food, no one can stop Goli. He does not eat to live, he lives to eat. Goli trickes Jethalal and only takes a container from him to find some delicious pakoras. As the container is in Goli’s hands, Jethalal is left helpless and requests Goli to leave some pakoras for Mehta Saheb.

While Jethalal keeps begging Goli not to empty the container and for Tarak to leave a few pakoras, Goli ignores Jethalal’s requests. After this, Jethalal would go behind and chase Goli into the society’s premises. Goli will dodge Jethalal and fry all the pakoras, leaving the container empty. As soon as Goli pop the pakoras in his mouth, Jethalal will see him helplessly and begging sympathetically, there will be anger and disappointment in his feelings.

So, when Jethalal goes the extra mile to prove his love for his best friend Mehta Saheb, Goli will give a glimpse of his love for food. Amidst all this, viewers will get to see a hilarious chase between Jethalal and Goli.

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