Skincare: An Easy DIY Face Pack Recipe With Papaya For Your Skin Healthy


It’s time to refine your skin with the goodness of papaya. How to make a face packs with ingredients from your kitchen!

Papaya DIY face mask is great for keeping skin healthy and nourished. Papaya not only hydrates the skin but also helps to overcome the effects of premature ageing. It works as a natural exfoliator to get rid of dirt, grime and dead skin cells that close all pores. It also increases collagen production which helps in making the skin soft and supple. So, in this article we are talking about an easy DIY face mask recipe including papaya for your skin.

You will need:

1. ½ cup mashed papaya (ripe)
2. 1 teaspoon lemon
3. 1 teaspoon honey

How to Prepare:

1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl until you get a smooth paste
2. Once paste is ready then apply it on your face and leave it on for 20 minutes.
4. Rinse and moisturize the skin.


Vitamin C in lemon helps to cleanse the skin and close pores. It also kills any harmful bacteria while bleaching properties give the skin a healthy glow. Honey and papaya make the skin soft and supple.

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