Selena Gomez in red dress lit the stage and the red carpet in the shade


From Sweet Disney Darling to being the showstopper on every red carpet she attends, Selena Gomez has made quite an interesting change. While she was on Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place, the actress had an easy, almost tomboy style that she brought to the red carpet.

As time passed, so did the phase and she gradually selected herself for a chic, elegant and body-tailored outfit. The one color she likes the most is the bold and sexy red shade. All the time she lights up the screen, stage and red carpet!

For one of her first red carpets in 2011, Selena took off a red Catherine Dean gown for an InStyle party. The pleated gown hung well over her lean frame and was all flattering.

Selena Gomez red 1

For her next appearance with then boyfriend Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez showed how she was opting for a bright red gown matching Justin Bieber ‘s pocket square.

Selena Gomez red 2

Taking a break from the lovely gown, Selena next opted for a short red lacy dress with silver embellishments. She carried this top with a matching scarlet glossy lip colour.

Selena Gomez red 3

The next look was not a dress, but an illusion like a dress. She opted for a co-ord set with a red tube top and a high-waisted skirt with a thigh-high slit and a large bow on the side. With her hair pulled back, Selena Gomez looked chic in a dress.

Selena Gomez red 4

She also seems to have liked the next look for her, a leather maxi dress with a floral laser cut from the waist down. It also ruffles along the neck and ensures Selena Gomez looks vibrant and glowing in the Rust Shade dress.

Selena Gomez red 5

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