Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan on celebrating Eid without his Son


Let all the fans of Salman Khan come to his house in Mumbai to get a glimpse of the superstar as he comes to wish him a happy Eid. However, Eid 2020 has been different for Salman and his fans as due to the coronavirus epidemic, Salman Khan is stationed at his Panvel farmhouse while his family is at his residence in Mumbai and since people are forced to stay home due to the epidemic. It has been requested. , Eid 2020 clearly did not look the same. He said, as we all celebrated Eid yesterday, Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan talked about Salman’s absence at home on Eid and said how he celebrates the festival without him.

Not only for his fans, it was also different for Salim Khan too, as his son was not present at home and Salim Khan is used to watch the crowd of people gathered outside the Galaxy apartment and when he was asked about celebrating this festival without Son Salman, Salim Khan said that now, he is quite used to the empty roads as it has been going on for the last two months. Despite Eid, screenwriter Salim Khan said that he and his family had a normal day at home today. In an interview, Salim Khan stated that he followed his regular routine on Eid, which was to get up early in the morning and leave for his morning walk and after returning he did his normal routine.

Talking about Salman Khan, father Salim Khan said that since Salman is spending a lot of time in the farmhouse, he makes sure to talk on the phone. He said, “I just spoke with him today on the phone and we exchanged wishes. We are always in touch with each other through our regular phone calls,” Salman Khan has given his fans to his third single titled ‘Bhai Bhai’ to cure on this Eid. ‘Talking of the song, it is based on secularism, in which superstars sing about the unity of Hindus and Muslims. Salman is also rapping in songs and Urge people to remain united.

See Salman Khan New Song below:

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