Rani Mukherjee is pleased with the success of Mardaani 2; Find out why the film is special to him


Rani Mukherjee returns to the big screen as ACP Shivani Shivaji Roy in Gopi Putheran’s Mardaani 2. The film, based on juvenile crimes, revolves around a serial rapist who targets young girls and how Rani Mukherjee’s character is pursued to hunt her. The film opened to rave reviews from critics and the audience also received it with open arms. In a recent interview, Rani opened up about the film’s success and revealed why the film is special to her.


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Rani Mukherjee reflects on the success of the movie “Mardani 2” reflecting our society and the times in which we live and the upbringing of our daughters. I am very happy that the film is resonating with audiences across the country as it has one of the most important messages to reach out to, “said the actress.

The actress said that the purpose of the film was to create awareness of new and growing threats to women and girls.

He also added, “Our intention was to make India aware of the new and growing threat facing women and girls by underrepresented elderly offenders who have been victims of this violent crime. If Mardaani 2 people to sit and watch this situation, then our job. It’s done. ”

The actress went on to say all the praise for her director Gopi Puthan and co-star Vishal Jetha, saying, “If you ask me as a newbie, both of them have given a movie and a performance that will always inspire them to do more Bollywood. A refreshing addition and I hope they make us happy in the years to come.The leading lady has revealed why Mardaani 2 is a special movie for her

“Mardani 2 will always be very special to me because I am deeply involved with Shivani Shivaji Roy’s character. His beliefs are my beliefs, his belief in society and India is my belief, never a way to stop him from doing what is right. And always speaking against injustice. Echoing my core, he is an important cinematic character because he empowers women On behalf of, and I hope that he has turned against gender discrimination Shivani many more will move to the right thing, and to be more self-sufficient. ”


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