Priyadarshan upcoming Hungama 2 Resume Shooting By September

Hungama 2

While many filmmakers are currently struggling to get new dates from their actors and are working on rescheduling their films, Hungama director Priyadarshan finds himself in a different dilemma. Hungama sequel stars Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Paresh Rawal, Mizan Jaffrey and Pranitha Subhash in addition to 5 children in the lead roles.

According to a report by MidDay, in four months during lockdown, four children between the ages of 8–11 are growing longer in height. Concerning that his rise could create problems with continuity for the film, the filmmaker has decided to resume work by 15 September.

Talking about it, the filmmaker said—
At this age, children grow up rapidly; there are changes in facial structure and height. While the physical changes that have happened in the past four months will not make a huge difference on screen, it will be difficult [to retain continuity] if we have to wait for some more months. Fortunately, only a song has to be shot with them.

The director, who is making a comeback to Bollywood after 7 years with a comedy film, is reportedly going to Kullu and Manali with the cast and crew.

Producer Ratan Jain also informed that the Himachal Pradesh government has assured them that shooting can be started in hill stations with all the safety and precautions.


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