Prevent Skin Pigmentation And Dark Spots On Your Skin


Dark spots on the skin are very common. It is caused by excessive production of melanin, acne scars, sun rays, etc. In this article we talking about how you can Prevent skin pigmentation and dark spots on your skin.

Stop irritating the skin

When you have breakouts, it is tempting to keep touching them or to blow the pimple. Little do we know that pimple eruption creates a large acne scar that is not the easiest to get rid of. Instead of dealing with it later, it is simply easier to avoid irritating skin to the touch or further and just let it be.

Avoid Sun Heat

When dermatologists ask you to wear sunscreen, even if you are indoors, take it seriously. Any Kind of Exposure to the sun can cause dark spots on the skin. Always wear sunscreen. If you are going out to protect your face

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Avoid heat

Heat can also increase the production of melanin in the skin. It is best to avoid extremely hot showers or hot yoga, which are known to cause dark spots on the skin.

Use Vitamin C ingredient

Vitamin C
Vitamin C

Vitamin C is known to reduce melanin synthesis and therefore fights hyperpigmentation. This ingredient not only fights black spots but also helps manage wrinkles and helps the skin produce more collagen!

How do you manage dark spots on your skin? Comment below and let us know.

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