Pooja Bhatt On Why Alia Bhatt Is Successful: She Hasn’t Inherited The Genetic Family Flaw From Our Father


Alia Bhatt‘s sister, Shaheen Bhatt, recently launched her book – I Have Never Been (Un)happier – where she chronicles her periods of struggle during anxiety and depression and how she managed to overcome it. From her parents, to sister Alia and step sister Pooja Bhatt, the whole family came together to celebrate this very special moment.

While they were having an interaction with the press, Pooja also opened up about her struggles with alcohol addiction. According to reports, Alia then asked her how she had the courage to be so blunt and honest about her struggles to which Pooja replied that they have inherited that quality from their father Mahesh Bhatt. She termed it a ‘genetic family flaw’ that both she and Shaheen had inherited, while it missed Alia.

She further added:

We say things as they are and not how the people expect us to say them. And, I think the reason you (Alia) are so successful is that because you have not inherited that exactly like Shaheen and I have. You’re able to separate the two. The truth does not go down well in Bollywood. We’re living in a fake world which is full of appearances, where people don’t want you to say, ‘I’m not okay.’ They don’t give a damn whether you’re a cocaine addict or have an alcohol problem. As long as you look okay and show up and your waist size is perfect, nobody cares about what’s going inside.

Trust Pooja to be true to her previous statement, right? Blunt, honest and real.

Pooja is all set to make her comeback in films with her father’s directorial, Sadak 2, which also stars Alia, Aditya Roy Kapur and Sanjay Dutt in the lead roles.

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