Ponmagal Vandhal: Jyothika’s powerful acting as a lawyer in this legal drama sets high expectations

The trailer of the much awaited Tamil court room drama Ponmagal Vandhal starring Jyothika in the lead role has finally come out. From the beginning of the trailer, Jyothika’s powerful acting as a lawyer will surprise you. The trailer is filled with new twists and turns into an honest lawyer, trying to wrongly convict an innocent woman. This riveting story revolves around the story of a resident in Ooty named ‘Petition’ Pethuraj who reopens a 2004 case involving a serial killer o ‘Psycho Jyoti’ who was convicted for kidnapping and murder. Wenba, his daughter and a passionate lawyer, weave through the flaws to reveal the truth.

Depending on the trailer, one can expect a nail-biting climax. Jyothika is known for powerful and female-centric roles and it seems that she wants to set a new standard in the industry. The upcoming Tamil film is the buzz of the city from the beginning. Recently, Ponmagal Vandhal hit the headlines for a film about the OTT release. Well, finally, Ponmagal Vandhal will be released on Amazon Prime Video on May 29 in over 200 countries and territories. It became the first Tamil film to have a worldwide direct release on the OTT platform.

The legal drama also includes a power-packed cast featuring Parthiban, K. Bhagyaraj, Thyagarajan, Pratap Poten and Pandiarajan.

Ponmagal Vandhal is Jyothika and Surya Productions under their banner 2D Entertainment. The producer is Surya Sivakumar and the film is written and directed by JJ Fredrick.

Watch Trailer:

Meanwhile, a number of producers recently appeared in support of the OTT release of Jyothika’s Ponmagal Vandhal. This came a day after theatre owners threatened to block the release of Surya or any film associated with his production house.

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