National Treasure Third installment of Nicolas Cage starrer reportedly in works


Disney has reportedly started working on National Treasure 3 and the film will be written by the screenwriter of Bad Boys for Life. Nearly 13 years after the sequel to the National Treasures hit the big screen, producers are finally working on the third installment of the Nicolas Cage starrer franchise. The 56-year-old will once again play the lead role in the film. Considering the first two installments of the film, the third film will also likely revolve around Cage’s character trying to solve yet another thrilling mystery, and in the process we are given some high power action sequences Huh. According to a report by Variety, “Bad Boys for Life” screenwriter Chris Bremner has been roped in to pen the script.

The first National Treasure film was released in 2004. And while it was not widely appreciated by critics, fans loved the film and did not get enough of it. They fell for Cage’s archaeologist character’s charm and the film ended up doing a satisfying business at the box office. “I’m gonna steal the Declaration of Independence,” Cage’s famous dialogues from the film. The plot of the film goes behind the cage as he discovers a treasure that he later discovers is linked to a historical document. As part of the treasure hunt, he also locks horns with a rival.
The franchise’s sequel National Treasure: Book of Secrets, which appeared in 2007, was again criticized by critics, but was again saved by its loyal fan base. And it seems that the producers are ready to dive in again for another film, expecting fans to welcome the film again with open arms. However, the studio has not released any official statement announcing the film. Cage was also not available to comment on the upcoming film.

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