Nail Care: 4 Effective Ways To Prevent Nail Bites

Nail Care 4 Effective Ways to Prevent Nail Bites

More than half of children and teenagers cut their nails. With the current situation, today more people are resorting to this means to overcome their stress or show their anxiety. Nail biting is a difficult habit. It is a sign of emotional and mental stress and is visible when people are nervous, anxious, feeling low or feeling stressed. Nail biting is one way of dealing with emotions.

How to stop biting nails:

While immediate changes cannot be made overnight, practicing these steps reduces the nail biting and eventually ensures this.

1- Cut nails:  If you do not have long nails to bite, then when you bite short nails, it will not look satisfactory.

2- Wear gloves: This may sound silly at first but is considered one of the most effective techniques. Wearing gloves does not allow you to bite them on your nails.

3- Get manicures: Yes, it is an expensive method, but if you put shine on your nails, you won’t feel like biting them after spending so much money to make them look so good!

4- Keep your hands and mouth busy: Fiddle with a stress ball, write, type, or even chew gum continuously to help you make sure that your hands are the least exposed to your mouth.

Get help: If none of this helps, it is best to visit a doctor and get therapy for your problem.

At a time when washing hands and ensuring that there is minimal contact between hands and face, it is important that the person gets rid of this habit as it can literally cost your life!

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