Mineral Oils For Skin – Know The Complete Guide


While these oils are part of many beauty products, including foundations, palettes and more, we take a look at what the term actually means.
Mineral oil is essentially a natural ingredient that can be used for many purposes. The mineral oil used in cosmetics goes through several stages of refining and filtration so that it can be added to beauty products.

While the mineral oils that cosmetic companies use are more permeable, these oils are known to contaminate the body.

Mineral oil work

It is popular in cosmetics because it leaves the skin feeling smooth and supple and adds a moisturizing effect to the skin. Except that it does not seep from the skin and remains on the top layer and instead remains lock in moisture. This in turn ensures that your skin stays hydrated for a longer period of time.

While this seems ideal, many beauty experts argue that these oils block the upper layer of the skin and in turn suppress it.

What is the whole truth?

Everything from basic beauty products, including moisturizers, creams and even baby products, contain a certain amount of mineral oil. Although the argument is that it blocks the pores, the oil does not enter the upper layer of the skin itself to close the pores. All this spreads easily and leaves the upper layer of skin hydrated. It has no effect and cannot help in the treatment of any skin issues. It is all hydrate.

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