Meghan Markle and Prince Harry reportedly have some very detailed requirement for any future engagements; Find out


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are following their new rules! Stepping away from royal duties at the top of the year, the couple have since become make many moves independent of the royal family, including a new Netflix deal, as well as their speaking engagements.

The couple entered into an agreement with the New York-based Harry Walker Agency earlier this year and their list of requirements for online speaking engagements through People magazine is now revealed.

Their “Virtual Event Request Form” requirements include a complete list of who the audience will be, and that the fee, which is said to be up to 1 million USD, must be known in advance. Any arbitrator of a discussion should also be cleared, The Telegraph reports. Organizers should provide details of any sponsor and “what they are receiving in return for their sponsorship” before issuing any invitation.

The Telegraph also reported that The choice of introducer and moderator will be at the final discretion of the speaker”. Due to the epidemic, there are even more specific questions about connectivity issues and how they will be viewed on screen: “What will viewers see on screen? Will you include any branding? What will the speaker see on screen before and during their presentation? The form reportedly asks.

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