Lady Gaga on collaborating with BLACKPINK for Sour Candy: see inside


Lady Gaga set the city on fire a few days ago by dropping her collab with Ariana Grande, titled Rain on Me, which is part of her much awaited sixth studio album, Chromatica. The vibe of the track gave us a tinge of what we can expect from the upcoming album which is claiming other big collaborations. It features a duet with veteran Elton John on top sign and a popular girl group, collab with BLACKPINK, named Sour Candy.

In an interview with Lady Gaga, a Japanese publication, TV Groove, Lady Gaga was asked about her experience working with BLACKPINK on Sour Candy, what she withdrew from it. As a fellow named @intoblackpivk translated into English on Twitter, Gaga shared, “When I called out to them and asked if they wanted to sing a song with me, they were very happy and motivated. It was a really exciting collaboration. I wanted to celebrate them because I love powerful women like them and they also wanted to celebrate me.”

“I had a great time together making this song. I was excited to hear them interpret the song in Korean and told them that the part was so creative and fun. I was amazed to hear their singing voice. They are beautiful young women, really talented and I am proud to be the fifth member of BLACKPINK [for Sour Candy].”

Are you excited to hear Lady Gaga’s ft. BLACKPINK’s Sour Candy? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.

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