Kareena Kapoor Khan auditioned for Lal Singh Chadha, starring Aamir Khan


Kareena Kapoor Khan gets our attention every time she does something. That is his aura and personality. While he is already busy with the film and his radio show, he is currently revealing that he has auditioned for a role in his next film, reports Lal Singh Chadha Bollywood Hungama. The film marked the reunion of Amir Khan and Kareena on screen after 3 Idiots and fans are super excited about it.

Speaking to the website, Kareena revealed that for 20 years in her career, she has not auditioned for a character but this time she acted for Amir.

Kareena said,
I would never audition and I haven’t done in 20 years. No one has ever asked me to do a scene. But I think if it was for Hollywood or anything else, I don’t think I would audition. But I only give Amir Khan the reason for it. I know what his chances are and I know his purpose. He creates a world, he wants to be 100% sure in that world. While reading the scenes, I was already convinced that this would happen because I knew I had nailed it. He also told me that ‘while you were going through the scene, I was telling Advaita that it was done’. He can see his character and I really admire him for that.

She also revealed that her husband, Saif Ali Khan, also said that there was no big deal in the audition.
No, I have not had this idea before. Even Saif told me, ‘What’s the big deal? We should all Auditors should audition for the part. ‘Not all Hollywood actors like Al Pacino get auditioned unless they audition. Saif also said that if even actors like me started doing it, it would be better. This is why I auditioned for it.

We are glad that Kareena nailed the audition because now we are excited to see these talent homes on screen again!

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