Kangana Ranaut speaks about ‘Sadhana’ and the importance of spiritual practice in one’s life: See Inside


Rapidly spreading coronavirus cases in India have sent a wave of negativity across the country and people are worried and worried about the deadly virus. Katrina Kaif, Karthik Aryan, Hrithik Roshan, Arjun Kapoor and other celebrities have urged fans to stay indoors and maintain social distance, Kangana Ranaut who is in Manali and fasting with her sister Rangoli Chandel on the occasion of Navratri She is doing, telling them. Fans about ‘Sadhana’, the importance of spiritual practice in a person’s life and more.

In a video shared by her fan page, Kangana revealed, “How is the fasting for the third day of Navratri going, everybody? You must be thinking Kangana as a superstar, a fashionista, the best actress, she becomes a sanyasi, a yogi, I mean why is that? Well, I feel weird that you guys feel it is weird. Because it is not that our life’s aim is just to make money or do as much as you can. It’s just that western thinking and capitalism have been stuffed so much inside our heads that it’s just make money, make money, go on, go on and where are those people today? They are hidden inside their homes saying take our money, take our house, just protect us from Corona, we just want life.”

She added, “So if life is so important and now you have understood a few things that life is of no use to you, it is not your social media accounts, not your social status, not even your relationships because you can’t meet them now. So then what is life? Life is just life. So, a lot of people don’t know but the house I have built in Manali, I could have done anything with this money but I built it specifically for sadhana and I didn’t tell anyone about this because I know what kind of smart people are in social media and how I could be made fun in it so I didn’t tell anybody.”

The actress further said that for these entire nine days she would only eat something at night and do yoga related to Pranayama. Kangana also says that by practicing yoga, a person’s energy level goes up.

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