Kangana Ranaut Alleges BMC Will Demolish Her Manikarnika Films Office Property In Mumbai

Kangana Ranaut

Actress Kangana Ranaut has alleged that the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation will demolish her office space. She took to her Twitter handle to share a video claiming to be BMC officers at her Manikarnika Films office. It is the day before her return to the city, which has now become controversial due to her recent remarks against Mumbai.

Along with a video showcasing her brand new office space, the actress wrote on Twitter in Hindi, ये मुंबई में मणिकर्णिका फ़िल्म्ज़ का ऑफ़िस है, जिसे मैंने पंद्रह साल मेहनत कर के कमाया है, मेरा ज़िंदगी में एक ही सपना था मैं जब भी फ़िल्म निर्माता बनूँ मेरा अपना खुद का ऑफ़िस हो, मगर लगता है ये सपना टूटने का वक़्त आ गया है, आज वहाँ अचानक @mybmc के कुछ लोग आए हैं”

The Second video shows a few men inside her office. She wrote, “They have forcefully taken over my office measuring everything, also harassing my neighbors when they retorted @mybmc officials used language like ,” वो जो मैडम है उसकी करतूत का परिणाम सबको भरना होगा” I am informed tomorrow they are demolishing my property”

 See her tweet below: 

On Monday, Kangana was provided with Y-Plus category security after her return to Mumbai, which is on 9 September.

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