Justin Bieber sing to his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez in DJ Khalid and Drake’s music video


Justin Bieber made a special appearance in the newly dropped music video for DJ Khaled’s Popstar. The video begins with DJ Khaled asking Drake to blow up his phone, asking him to film a video. Drake is clearly not down to spending any time and energy on this.

The video then introduces Justin to a house party and to wake up in the morning after lip-syncing Drakes’s lyrics. As he walks through a mansion that features Justin’s pop art-style portraits, people are still partying, and his manager calls the shots, with Justin shouting some songs to Selena Gomez:

Watch the video below: 

Selena has not responded to the video, so it is unclear whether she has even seen it or how she feels about it. Till now, the singer is focusing all her attention on promoting her beauty line Rare Beauty, which has just launched.

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