Joe Biden Is Leading US Elections And Breaks Barack Obamas Record Of Popular Votes


Presidential Candidate Joe Biden has broke former President Barack Obama’s record of Popular Votes for the historic 2008 election, according to tracking by The Associated Press. The tally news reports have 70 million votes, compared to about 67 million for President Donald Trump. It is possible that both candidates will break Obama’s record of over 69 million votes.

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Joe Biden’s record-breaking performance is shocking given the enthusiasm of voters – particularly among young people. According to preliminary estimates by the United States Election Project, this year also brought record voter results. According to Michael McDonald via US News, a political science professor at the University of Florida who runs the project, he estimated that the 2020 presidential election polled nearly 160 million eligible Americans, with no one in 120 years Polling rate is not seen. The previous record set of total voters in 2016 was around 139 million.

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