James Cameron Stated That The Shooting Of Avatar 2 Is Complete And Avatar 3 Almost Done

james cameron

According to the latest news reports, director James Cameron has stated that the upcoming film Avatar 2 is complete regarding its filming. The news states that James Cameron spoke to actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. During his talk, the famous filmmaker also said that the major photography of the much-awaited Avatar 2 has also been completed. The news report further states that once the film Avatar 2 is out, the cast and crew will start working on Avatar 3.

Director James Cameron, known worldwide for his superb directing skills, spoke to Arnold Schwarzenegger that 95 percent of Avatar 3 is also done. The news is a big delight for fans and film audiences who fell in love with the Avatar franchise’s first film.

Fans and followers of the Avatar franchise, eagerly awaiting the film Avatar 2 and Avatar 3. Now, fans are hoping that the upcoming Avatar films will surpass the benchmark that was set by the first Avatar film.

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