Is it safe to sleep in the same bed with your newborn?


People sleep on the same bed with their newborn and some arrange other small beds for them. But which one is safer for small ones? Well, a recent research has said that you should not put your child in bed next to you. Another should be suitable for infants. Because if infants sleep on the same bed with their parents, this may increase the risk of some health issues, such as serious injury, suffocation, asphyxia, penetration, falls, choke, etc.

Sharing the bed for breastfeeding

However, research supports bed sharing for breastfeeding infants. The report says that when you share a bed with your baby for breastfeeding, you can do it for a long time.

Contrary report

Conversely, some other reports state that bed sharing with an infant may actually be good for infants. It strengthens the relationship between parent and child. According to doctors, there is an inborn need to touch the baby. They always like physical proximity. Therefore, bed sharing gives them the warmth they need.
By the way, there are some health risks of sharing a bed with an infant. This can increase the risk and lead to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) for infants. And also, some parents think that bed sharing makes them unable to sleep alone later. But on the other hand, parents think that bed sharing makes the infant more dependent on being an adult.


A lot of arguments are still going on about this. But doctors also think that bed sharing also depends on the parents. If they consider it necessary they can go with it. But if you are sleeping with your child on your bed, then you have to take some safety measures so that the child is not hurt or injured by any chance.

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