Here Are Some Reasons For Right Side Chest Pain And When To See A Doctor


Right side chest pain can be caused by many factors. But this is not only related to heart issues. So, here are some reasons for this pain and when to see a doctor.

Right chest pain can occur due to many reasons and which are not only associated with our heart. Therefore, it is not usually a sign of a heart attack. The pain on the right side of your chest can be due to any swelling, injury, anxiety or tension, muscle strain, etc.
Read to know the reasons for this chest pain and when to consult a doctor about it.

When to consult a doctor :

You should consult your doctor about pain when:

You have severe and unbearable pain.

Feel the pressure on the chest.

You have severe pain in your arms, back, jaw and abdomen.

Cold sweating.

Feeling of weakness and nausea.

Difficulty in breathing.

Causes of right-side chest pain:

Stress or anxiety

Severe stress or anxiety may be the cause of right side chest pain.

Muscle strain

The chest wall is made up of several muscles, which can cause stress due to intense exercise. The pain is uncomfortable but can be easily relieved with painkillers.

Traumatic injury

Traumatic injury such as a bike accident or a fall cause damage to the nerves, blood vessels and muscles within the chest that cause pain on the right side.

Rib fracture

Rib fracture occurs when bones, which protect organs in the chest, break. It becomes very painful and if not treated well can lead to serious problems.

Pulmonary Embolism

Pulmonary embolism is a blood clot that accumulates in the right lung causing chest pain on the right side.

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