Here Are Some Common Causes Of White Spots On The Skin And Their Prevention Measures


White spots on the skin can be caused due to many reasons and they make the skin itchy and dry. So, here are some common causes of white spots on the skin and their prevention measures.

White spots on the skin can be caused by many different factors such as mycosis, dermatitis, etc. It shows various symptoms like itching, skin peeling, dry skin etc. When you face these kind of issues then always consult a doctor for treatment.

Here are some common causes of white spots and how can be prevent them


Mycosis is the common cause of white spots on the skin that makes the skin highly itchy and spreads over area on the skin. People with this problem should disassemble their bath towels and clothes to prevent mycosis from spreading to others.


Blemish are also white spots on the skin that are caused by excessive exposure to sunlight. Keep your skin well moisturized and use sunscreen before going out and also take vitamin A rich foods like tomatoes, Carrot, papaya etc. as they keep the skin hydrated.

White freckles

Small white freckles occur on the arms and legs mainly after the age of 40 years. It is usually seen on people with fair skin or exposed to sunlight without sunscreen. Always wear sunscreen before going outside.


This problem makes some portion of your skin lighter than your actual skin. It is caused by fungus and can also be seen in people with allergies. Generally, sun exposure in the morning or late afternoon can be helpful in balancing skin tone.

DISCLAIMER: Always consult your dermatologist if you encounter any of these issues to treat and cure them.

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