Here Are A Easy Home Remedies That Will Help You To Reduce Scalp Itching


Dry scalp is often prone to itching during winter. Excessive use of hair products can also cause an itchy scalp, but as far as winter is concerned, you have to bring out the best ingredients to deal with it. Dryness on the scalp can give rise to a texture and if there is persistent itching, it can cause hair fall.

You need to treat it And make sure the itching stops for at least a few days until you use this remedy again.

Hot oil treatment

One of the most effective treatments for dry scalp, hot oil helps to deeply seal that scorched skin and helps in reclaiming moisture. Any type of oil from coconut to almonds, olives etc. can work wonders. You can also add a few drops of tea tree oil to fully help in dealing with the affected areas. Inclusion of vitamin E may also prove beneficial. This helps restore lost moisture while ensuring to reduce hair fall.

How to Use:

1. Heat your favorite oil in a bow. Make sure it is warm to the touch..

2. Add vitamin E or tea tree oil to the warm oil.

3. Now, to apply your head slowly to the hair, use a cotton ball and apply oil well in each section. Gently massage for 10 Minutes and leave it for 40 minutes.

5. Wash With mild shampoo and conditioner.

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