Haircare: How To Protect Your Hair During Seasonal Changes?


Changes in weather can be a difficult time for both your skin and hair. It is the beginning of winter and before December becomes extremely difficult to regain your lost moisture. Here are some easy ways to keep your hair moisturized and prepare it for seasonal changes.

1. Applying Hot Oil

Applying Hot Oil

Hot oil massage will go deep into your scalp and protect it from drying out. Make sure not to wash your hair without applying oil at least one hour before your shower. This will ensure that the shampoo separates from the oil instead of just natural moisture, which in turn, also acts as a protective layer from your shower and chemically packaged shampoos.

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2. Used Almond or Argon Oil

Leave-in conditioners help to retain hair moisture. You should try almond or argon oil after a shower and run it into your moist hair. It maintains the health of the hair and does not let dry air directly affect your hair during drying.

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